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School Vision, Mission, Motto

Vision - World Ready Youth - Innovative contributors, upright citizens with a global outlook 

  • An innovative contributor perseveres in the pursuit of life-long learning and excellence and is undaunted by failures; he/she  has the courage to go against conventional wisdom by questioning and thinking independently and critically; taking calculated risks to come up with innovative ideas that will benefit others.   He/she is both a leader and a good team player and is able to communicate his/her ideas effectively with others.

  • An upright citizen with a global outlook is one who is not only rooted to Singapore but has a global perspective of things through his/her wide readings, travels and networking.  He/she has a strong sense of right and wrong and exercises his/her civic and social responsibilities well.

Mission - We develop our students to their fullest potential through a balanced education and instill in them a passion for living and learning.

Motto - Realising the Star Within

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