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School Rules and Regulation

Discipline Background

Discipline is an integral part of schooling in Compassvale Secondary School. We believe that discipline forms the bedrock of a student’s development and growth. Only with good discipline will there be effective teaching and learning. The discipline policy in CVSS is, “Every teacher is a discipline teacher and every youth matters”. We aim to nurture our students into self disciplined youths through the inculcation of values, social and emotional competencies.

General Conduct

  • Be polite and refined in manners at all times. 
  • Proper decorum should be maintained at all times. 
  • Respect and obey school authorities at all times and regardless of the circumstances. 
  • Be considerate and show care and concern to others - e.g. students are not to use vulgar language, threaten, bully, annoy or hurt others regardless of circumstances. 
  • Take good care of school property and premises and use them with proper authorization. 
  • Demonstrate a sense of graciousness and civic-mindedness. 
  • Students are to be quiet and seated in an orderly manner during all school events such as assembly period.

Respect for Nation and School

  • All students are to observe the flag raising and lowering ceremonies with dignity and respect. 
  • All students are to sing the school song with respect and pride. Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. 
  • Proper decorum must be observed during all school assemblies and functions. 
  • All students are expected to uphold the reputation of the school and nation at all times -e.g. there must be no defamation (in any form) of the school or any staff of the school or any of the leaders of the nation. 
  • Students are to greet the Principal, Vice-principals, teachers, staff and visitors when they meet them.

Responsible Behaviour

  • Students must behave in a socially responsible manner at all times. E.g. perform duties, return eating utensils, queue up in the canteen when purchasing food, not be seen loitering in public area in school uniform. 
  • Students must uphold the law at all times and report students who are behaving suspiciously. 
  • Students must follow the security procedures of the school and take care of their own belongings. 
  • Mobile phones, electronic and gaming devices are prohibited in the school. 
  • Gambling or betting in any form is prohibited. 
  • Students must not vandalise school, public or private property. 
  • Students must not waste electricity or water. 
  • Students must adhere to the schools’ directives on the use of school facilities.

Attendance and Punctuality

• All students are expected to be seated at the courtyard by 7.20 am, and start their morning reading quietly. Students are expected to bring a storybook or any relevant reading material to school each day for morning reading.
• Students who are late for at least 8 times in a year may have their offences recorded in the School Offence Module (SOM) as a recalcitrant latecomer.
• Students are expected to attend school, classes, CCA and other school activities punctually. Skipping school and CCA without valid reasons will be treated as truancy.
• Absence from school activities must be substantiated by a medical certificate. The medical certificate must be submitted to the Civics Tutor when the student returns to school, within the next 3 school days.
• Letters from parents/legal guardians may be considered in cases where medical certificates (MC) are not applicable or relevant. This does not apply during examinations.
• Students must seek permission and signature of their subject teacher or Vice-Principal/Principal if they want to leave school during school hours.

Classroom Conduct

• Students must stand up to greet the teacher before the lesson and thank him/her at the end of the lesson.
• Students must be attentive and diligent in class – there must be no sleeping or interruption by students when the teacher is teaching.
• Students are to complete and submit all assignments on time.
• Students who need to leave the classroom for valid reasons must obtain permission and a leave pass from the subject teacher.
• Students are expected to show consideration for their fellow classmates and not disrupt lessons.
• Students are expected to keep all classrooms and special rooms neat and clean at all times.
• No sweetened drinks and food items are allowed in the classrooms and special rooms at all times. All food items must be consumed in the canteen. Food brought from home must be consumed in the canteen.

Schedule of Prohibited Items

• Mobile phones
• Pornographic materials
• Weapons
• Pyrotechnics
• Pirated or unlicensed materials
• Tobacco products and alcohol
• Electronic entertainment and gaming devices e.g. iPads, iPods, MP3, MP4, etc
• Poker cards or any other gambling items
• All items that the school deems to be potentially offensive, disruptive or harmful
• All other items prohibited under Singapore law

General Attire and Appearance

• Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform as shown in the handbook. Modification to the uniform is strictly not allowed.
• Students must be neat in appearance . Male students must be clean-shaven at all times. No spotting of moustache or beard is allowed.
• School PE t-shirts and PE shorts must be worn during PE lessons. PE t-shirts must be tucked in at all times.
• Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform during examinations. No PE attire is allowed.
• CCA attire can only be worn when directed by teachers.
• Class t-shirts must be approved by the Discipline Committee prior to printing.
• Students are not allowed to wear jewellery, accessories or make-up of any kind. Religious ornaments or amulets are not to be worn visibly.
• Nails must be short, clean and unpainted.
• Tattoos are strictly prohibited.
• Highlighting, colouring or dyeing of hair is not allowed.
• Coloured contact lenses are not allowed.
• School tie must be worn neatly.
• Name tag must be clearly displayed on the school uniform and not on the PE t-shirt.
• Outlandish and fanciful spectacle frames are not allowed.


 Footwear-5.jpg Footwear-6.jpg
  • Only all white or all blackshoes are allowed
  • Shoe laces must match the colour of the shoes.
  • High cut shoes are not allowed.
  • Only white socks are allowed.
  • Only trimmings as shown are allowed.


  • School uniform is to be worn neatly at all times, shirt must be buttoned up.
  • Bermudas and long pants should sit neatly at the waist. They should not be baggy or too tight.
  • Bermudas and long pants should not be tapered.
  • Male students should not have any piercing at all.
  • Ear sticks/straws/fillers are not allowed.
  • Name tag should be sewn above the pocket of the school uniform.
  • Name tag should not be sewn on the PE t-shirt.



  • School uniform must be buttoned up and worn neatly at all times.
  • School dress should cover half the knee cap.
  • Girls are allowed to wear hair accessories such as hair bands or hair clips, which must be only black.
  • Only transparent ear sticks are allowed.
  • Girls may wear simple, round earrings that do not attract undue attention, and are only permitted to have one piercing per earlobe.
  • Piercings on any other part of the body are not allowed.
  • Name tag should be sewn on the left-hand side of the school uniform.
  • Name tag should not be sewn on the PE t-shirt.

Hairstyle - Boys

  • Fringe should not touch the eyebrow when combed down. Sideburns should not cross the upper mark of the ear.
  • Hair at the back should be straight, sloped and at least 2cm above the collar. Hair around the ears should be sloped and should not touch the ears.
  • No spiky, punk, uneven or outlandish hairstyles

Hairstyle - Girls


  • Hair should be neat and tidy at all times.
  • There should not be any hair touching the eyebrow. Fringes/bangs should be neatly pinned up.
  • Hair should be kept away from the side of the face at all times by using only black hair accessories if required.
  • Long hair should be tied up neatly with only black hair accessories.
  • Hair should be tied up if it touches the bottom of the collar.