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Student Leadership Development

The Student Leadership Committee’s vision “Serve to Lead, Lead to Inspire” guides the committee in developing our North Stars into individuals who can be a source of inspiration to others. Student Leadership development in CVSS is based on the five practices of The Leadership Challenge (TLC). Through these practices, we witnessed our North Stars develop into leaders akin to shining gems – beaming with radiance, as a source of inspiration to all. 

Student Leadership Roles in CVSS


Leadership Challenge Workshop Photos
We believe that all North Stars should be leaders of self before they can be leaders to others. Hence all Sec 1 students will undergo The Leadership Challenge Workshop to gain awareness of how the 5 Practices of The Leadership Challenge can be practised in their daily living to be an exemplary leader to self and others.

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Class Leaders 

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Each class committee consists of 12 class leaders (1 Class Chairperson, 1 Class Vice-Chairperson, 2 Character & Citizenship Ambassadors, 2 Cyber Wellness Ambassadors, 2 Environment Champions, 2 VIA Champions). Class committee is appointed by the Form Teachers of the class. Class committee will serve the class for the whole year. Students who are not appointed to the class committee are encouraged to serve the class as a subject representative or other ways.

CCA Leaders

CCA Leaders

CCA Leaders assist the CCA teachers and coaches/instructors in the running of the CCA. They are appointed by CCA teachers based on their leadership potential, track records and contributions to the CCA. The Student Leadership committee develops the CCA Leaders in the area of safety awareness training and TLC. CCA teachers provide continuous coaching/ mentoring for all CCA Leaders. CCA Leaders may also have the opportunities to further develop their leadership attributes through platforms such as Overseas Service Learning programme, Overseas Leadership Development & Cultural Immersion Programme to Hong Kong, leadership development workshops and school events. To ensure CCA Leaders are ready to lead, potential Sec 2 CCA Leaders will undergo the North Stars Potential CCA Leaders Development Programme. 

Student Councillors

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The Student Council represents the student body and student voice in the school and provides feedback and suggestions on school management and school improvement.  The council is also in charge of organising major student-organised school events such as Student Leaders’ Investiture, Teachers’ Day celebrations and Graduation Night.  Student councillors also help out or serve as school ambassadors in major school events such as Sec 1 Registration and Orientation Programme, Meet-the-Form Teachers sessions, Annual Anniversary & Awards Day, Open House/School Outreach activities, external community events, etc.  Potential student councillors among student leaders with exemplary character and good leadership qualities are nominated by teachers in Sec 2 as trainee student councillors, mentored by student councillors and teachers in Student Leadership Committee. Those who have proven themselves will be confirmed as student councillors in Sec 3 and officially appointed at the investiture ceremony.