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National Education & NE Commemorative Days

“National Education aims to develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in our future. We must equip them with the basic attitudes, values and instincts which make them Singaporeans. This is the common culture that will give them a shared perception of life, and draw them closer together as one people when confronted with serious problems. This will give them a well-founded faith in the country’s future. ”

Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister

Launch Of National Education

17 May 1997

As part of the Character & Citizenship (CCE) programme, the National Education (NE) programme acts as a tool for the achievement of the school’s thrust of providing ‘a holistic values-driven learning experience for student-centric meritocracy’. CVSS sets itself to mould World Ready Youths – innovative contributors, upright citizens with a global outlook – as its direction in its National Education pursuit. In line with CCE, the `Head, Heart and Hands’ approach is deployed in its organisation of Citizenship programmes.

5 KEY PILLARS of National Education

  1. Every Singaporean Matters
  2. Strong Families: Our Foundation and Our Future
  3. Opportunities for All
  4. The Singapore Heartbeat: Feeling Passionately About Singapore
  5. Active Citizens - Making a Difference to Society


  1. Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong. We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life.
  2. We must preserve racial and religious harmony. We value our diversity and are determined to stay a united people.
  3. We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility. We provide opportunities for all, according to their ability and effort.
  4. No one owes Singapore a living. We find our own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into opportunity.
  5. We must ourselves defend Singapore. We are proud to defend Singapore ourselves, no one else is responsible for our security and well-being.
  6. We have confidence in our future. United, determined and well-prepared, we have what it takes to build a bright future for ourselves, and to progress together as one nation.

NE Commemorative Events

Citizenship or National Education (NE) is an important aspect of holistic education. Through NE, we aim to cultivate in our students a sense of belonging, commitment & rootedness to Singapore. This is done through four commemorative events; Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day.

Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day (TDD) is commemorated on 15 February each year to mark the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. On this day, activities held in our school serve to remind our students that Singapore can be defended, is worth defending and that Singaporeans are responsible for the defence of Singapore.

An alumnus sharing his experience of serving NS with our North Stars.jpg
An alumnus sharing his experience of serving NS with our North Stars (TDD 2018)

CPR in action - demonstration by the Red Cross Uniformed Group at the TDD Carnival.JPG

CPR in action - demonstrated by the Red Cross Uniformed Group at the TDD Carnival 2018

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is celebrated in our school in April each year. This is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with her neighbours and aims to nurture in our students, the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people.

International Friendship Day

Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day is commemorated on 21 July each year. It marks the race riots that broke out in Singapore on this day in 1964. Racial Harmony Day reminds our students that social division weakens a society and that race and religion will always be potential fault-lines in Singapore’s society. It is a day where our students reflect on and celebrate Singapore’s success as a harmonious society that is built on cultural diversity.
Racial Harmony Day - learning to tie the sari.JPG

RHD 2018: Learning how to tie the sari

Racial Harmony Day - Sampin Tying Competition.JPG

RHD 2018: Sampin Tying Competition

National Day

National Day is celebrated on 9 August. It marks Singapore’s independence from Malaysia and her emergence as a sovereign nation. On this day, our school conducts a series of activities such as the National Day Observance Ceremony, CCE lessons and a Concert programme to celebrate the happy occasion.

National Day