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North Star Education Programme

Our North Star Education Programme offers a total curriculum to develop our students to be world and future-ready, with the right values and 21st century competencies. Our instructional programme is based on i-TEACH Framework for integrated, engaged and assessed learning, with teachers as curriculum innovators, collaborative learners and holistic educators. We aim to establish our strengths in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education. Our distinctive programmes are Aeronautics (Applied Learning Programme) and Community & Youth Leadership (Learning for Life Programme) is Aeronautics and departmental signature programmes include Science Outdoor Learning & Experience, EL Speech & Drama, MTL Oratorical Skills, Fun with Math, Craft & Technology 3D Design/Printing etc. Our school-wide pedagogies include Inquiry-Based Learning, Making Thinking Visible, ICT-enabled Active Learning, Self-Directed & Collaborative Learning. Our teachers are trained in Thinking Routines, Assessment for Learning and Whole School Approach to Effective Communication. We have consistently achieved value-added results through our PrIME (Pro-action, Intervention, Motivation & Empowerment) framework with strategies such as Personal Educational & Career Plan/Aspirational Target Setting, ASPIRE motivational programme, After School Study/Start Right Programme, Teacher Mentors etc.


Our student development is centred on the STAR Programme-

·  Seek out your strength - Understanding oneself, social emotional competencies, leadership development

· Take responsibility - Responsibility to self/family/school/community/world through values education, Peer Support & Relationships Programme, Social Skills Training, values-in-action programme including Green Compass Programme (environmental projects), adoption of elderly homes, annual overseas service learning)

· Adopt an enterprising spirit - Developing entrepreneurial dare through academic/CCA competitions, interdisciplinary Project Work, outdoor education/adventure camps

· Ready for the world - Educational/Career Guidance, Elective Modules and Advanced Elective Modules, local/overseas visits to educational/vocational institutions/industry, information/financial literacy, personal mastery).


More details can be found in the write ups on our distinctive programmes and our various instructional/non-instructional departments.