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What is a Flipped Classroom?

In a flipped classroom, the students will have to watch videos on the content of what they are about to learn. The students are able to watch the video over and over again at their own pace till they get the concepts right. After watching the videos, they will work on guiding and diagnostics questions which give them get immediate feedback on whether they have understood the concept. In class, with the help of the teacher recapping and facilitating, the students will solve problems.

The advantages of flipped classroom

1. Students can watch a video at their own pace; they can pause and rewind whenever they need to review what they have heard or seen.

2. Students will be able to watch videos ahead of time from their home computer, smart phone, laptops, i-Pad or school computer at their convenience.

3. In a traditional model, if a student had questions about problems they are doing at home, they will have to seek help from teachers only during their next Math lesson. With this method, students are doing the work in the classroom and are able to get their questions answered immediately.

4. It also benefits struggling students. By doing the work in the classroom, the teacher is able to monitor students more closely and identify gaps in learning easily.

5. Learning is student-centered, not teacher -centered. Focus is not on the teacher teaching the content but students learning and learning well.

6. It will also develop creative and critical thinking in students.

7. Students will also take ownership of their learning and this can increase their confidence and motivate them towards achieving their goals.

8. There is more interaction between teacher-student and student-student. There is more time for teacher to answer student questions, work with small groups, and guide them in their learning.

If you have any more queries on flipped classroom, you can view this video for better understanding.