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Physical Education

Secondary 2 Adventure Camp - Cycling

The Physical Education (PE) curriculum in Compassvale Sec School aims to enable our students to demonstrate the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy an active lifestyle and healthy living.  It also provides them with authentic experience to apply their learning so that they can be confident participants in the future.

Throughout their 4 to 5 years in the school, students will be introduced a wide spectrum of categories of sports (territorial-invasion, net-barrier and striking & fielding). These sports are taught through the Games Concept approach where learning takes place through modified game situations. Students are then assessed during class activities as part of the teaching and learning to accurately reflect how well the students have learnt the concepts. Beyond the sports module, physical health fitness and outdoor education are also part of the holistic curriculum to develop students.

Secondary 2 Adventure Camp - Cyclin

CVSS Annual Race

One of the main events for the whole school, the annual race was held at the Punggol Waterway Park for the first time this year. The 3.2 km route provided an opportunity to hone students’ aerobic fitness in a fun and picturesque environment.  While competitive runners ran for both individual and inter-class events, recreational runners also had the opportunity to complete the distance as part of their active lifestyle involvement.  

Sports Carnival      

The sports carnival provides opportunity for students to apply and display the skills learnt in recreational competition setting when they represent their class and compete. The application of students’ learning in an authentic physical activity setting plays a vital role in developing their positive self-efficacy.  Students who do not represent the class for the recreational competitions can participate in the many fringe activities which serve as a vehicle to harness their teamwork skills.

Sports Education Programme (SEP)

Beyond the exposure to a variety of sports, Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 students will participate in the SEP which provides them invaluable exposure to sports which are not included in the CVSS PE curriculum. Archery and Golf are two sports that are selected this year for students to experience and acquire skills from participating in them.

Adventure Camp

The annual adventure camp is a signature programme for the Secondary 3 students.  They get to camp out in the open air, while participating in outdoor activities such as kayaking, raft-building, and outdoor cooking.  This year, the Secondary 2 students were also given the chance to attend the adventure camp.  In addition to water-based activities, they also went on cycling and trekking expeditions to local places of interest via park connectors.

Active Youth Recharge

Working in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board, some of our students go through this programme to inculcate healthy lifestyle habits and assist them in weight management. Students will be involved in physical activities and taught nutrition management which can help shape positive lifestyle habits.


Top, L - R: Kayaking; 
Secondary 2 Adventure Camp - raft building; 
Secondary 2 Adventure Camp - tent pitching