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Normal Course Programme

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The Normal Course Programme Committee aims to prepare our students for post-secondary school pathways and future endeavours through various programmes and activities. The committee also hopes to help our students develop a good sense of self-awareness and self-management in order for them to excel in their studies and face challenges



Some of the existing signature programmes in 2017 are highlighted below:

1. Advanced Elective Module (AEM): All Sec 3 Normal AEM Food Science and Culture NYP_Picture 2.jpg
Academic students were enrolled in the 30-hour AEMs at Nanyang 

Polytechnic with the intent of exposing our students to practice-oriented learning, where they had the opportunity to experience and benefit from hands-on and project-oriented learning. These AEMs aim to help students discover their strengths and interests in the various fields. This year they had the opportunity to choose from a list of AEM options (Aerospace System, Customer Service and Communications, Food Science and Culture & Technology for the Futuristic Smart Homes), which they completed in April.


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2. Elective Module (EM): All Sec 3 Normal Technical students were each enrolled in 2 different EMs, based on a prior survey done to understand their interests. In Semester 1, the students had the opportunity to attend EM in Aeronautics engineering which is in line with our school’s ALP focus. Our students experienced the role of aeronautic engineers, from designing their own planes to watching their designs take flight through the use of the power anchor. In Semester 2, our students attended the EM on Video Production at ITE College Central and Laser Show at ITE College East. Both EMs aim to expose our students to different forms of engineering in order for our students to explore their individual interests for further studies.


3. Secondary 4 NA / NT ASPIRE Programme:

The ASPIRE Programme is conceptualised with the intentions of:

Alumni sharing during ASPIRE programme.jpg• teaching our Sec 4 NA/NT students how to condition their body and mind in order to be better prepared for their GCE N-Level Examinations

• providing motivation and encouragement to our students

For this programme, we planned an in-house motivational talk by our teacher, Mr Ang Chee Yong, on guiding our students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and also how to plan their revision schedule in order to achieve their targets and goals. External partners from the ITE and Polytechnic, were invited to brief students on the various schemes, such as the ITE Special College Admission Scheme

(SCAS) and Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic

Programme (DPP), available to them. Alumni were

also invited to share their experience of preparing                    Alumnus sharing study tips with the graduating cohort of students

for the GCE N-Level Examinations.