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                                                      Mathematics Department

The Mathematics department aims to develop North Stars to be self-motivated problem solvers and creative thinkers in everyday life. To achieve this goal, we engage them in Successful Learning in Mathematics – a customised curriculum which engages them in authentic Mathematics learning experiences that promote the joy of learning Mathematics for three years. This year, we aim to achieve our goal through a two-pronged approach:

        • Building competence in Mathematics by developing our North Stars’ conceptual understanding, and their creative and critical thinking skills through engaging authentic tasks; and 
        • Building confidence in North Stars to be self-directed learners through Flipped Learning and ICT platforms

While the core of the Mathematics curriculum is driven largely by the national Mathematics framework, we enhance and enrich our North Stars’ learning experiences with supporting curriculum. 

Students using the 3D pen to appreciate perspective in Mathematics.JPG

As part of applied learning in Mathematics, North Stars use Math in Real World situations – an authentic learning experience for the North Stars which create opportunities for them to apply and appreciate Mathematics that they learnt in class in real life situations through solving problems that we encounter in everyday life. 

This year, our Secondary 3 students were engaged in solving authentic real world Math problems at Changi Airport Terminal 3. We leveraged technology for students to solve problems and hence understand the authentic application of Mathematical concepts and skills that they learnt in a real world context. This year we added another component of appreciating Mathematics through games. The students were engaged in games that got them to use Mathematics strategy, pattern and heuristics to solve them.

(left) Using the 3D pen to appreciate perspectives in Math

Appreciating enviornmental issues through the application of Math.JPG

Harnessing technology for learning.JPG

Sec 3 Math Learning Journey
at Changi Airport

Inter class Sudoku Challenge - students in action.JPG

Our supporting curriculum comprises fun Mathematics activities such as CVSS Sudoku Challenge, ArithmetiQ, Fun Math Problems and Facts. North Stars’ learning experiences are also enhanced and affirmed in a fun way through participating in games and competitions organised by both school and external organisations. For instance, we had our very own CVSS Sudoku Challenge for all North Stars, where winners are presented with certificates and prizes. The top scorers are then selected to participate in competitions such as Sudoku Challenge organised by external organisations such as the Brands Nanyang Sudoku Challenge. This year, we also took part in the Mathematics Olympiad Junior Competition. Among the 19 Secondary 2 students who participated, two of our North Stars performed exceptionally well and made us proud. Chan Jun Yang of Sec 2E5 received the Bronze medal while Ezanne Quek of Sec 2E3 received an Honourable Mention.                                                                                                   Inter-class Sudoku Challenge

To foster a culture of sharing and learning in the department, the teachers share their lesson ideas with one another through the For the Teachers, By the Teachers (ForTT ByTT) professional development dialogue. Besides learning from our peers, the department also conducts research and presents the findings at national platforms as part of our commitment to professional development.