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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

– “Inspired North Stars Inspire Actions”

  • The programme aims to develop our students in community & youth leadership and inspire them into action to create positive impact to the community through active community service and environment outreach. 
  • Students will put into practice school values, 21st century and SEL competencies; develop effective leadership skills and the attributes of an inspiring youth; acquire knowledge and skills for examining community and environmental issues; and apply the knowledge and skills and put it into action.

Student Leadership Development Programme

  • Enables every student to be an exemplary leader to self and others with a strong moral compass in them and the vision of “Serve to Lead, Lead to Inspire”.
  • Based on the Student Leadership Challenge (TLC) model (an established leadership framework developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Pozner) which provides the learning experiences for students to increase their self-awareness, strengthen their people skill, find the purpose and meaning in life, and develop leadership skills to make a difference to others.
  • Students develop and discover their leadership potential through various leadership roles available in school (Class Leaders, CCA Leaders, Student Councillors) and beyond, and service to their family, friends, classmates, school, and local and overseas communities.
LLP Frameework

For more information on Student Leadership Development in CVSS, click here. 

CVSS Values-in-Action Programme – “CVSS CAReS” (CVSS Care in Action, Ready to Serve)


Through the “Head, Heart & Hands” approach, “CVSS CAReS” strives to develop students’ knowledge and competencies in Service Learning through workshops and experiential learning opportunities (Learn to Care), so that they will subsequently become active youth leaders of the community, initiating projects to serve, have a positive impact on the community and inspiring others to act (Care to Serve).    

By leading and serving at community platforms, students get to live out MOE CCE & School values and at the same time, develop 21st Century Competencies (Critical & Innovative Thinking, Collaboration & Communication Skills etc) and social-emotional competencies (self-awareness, relationship management etc).  

Ultimately, “CVSS CAReS” aims to instil a strong moral compass in our students and nurture them to be World-Ready Youths – innovative contributors, upright citizens with a global outlook.

All our students embark on various level wide VIA programmes every year to serve the community.  These include environmental projects under the Green Compass Programme for all Sec 1 and 2 students, adoption of Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Sunlove Home and Bethesda Care Services (Senior Activity Centre) with student-initiated/led service learning projects* for all Sec 3, 4 & 5 students, annual Overseas Service Learning Programme (OSLP) to neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam for Student Councillors and Community Youth Leaders Club members etc.  The school also partners closely with Sengkang Community Centre, Sengkang General Hospital and North East Community Development Council (NECDC) in community events/projects.   

The Community Youth Leaders Club is a tier 2 initiative of our school’s Learning for Life (LLP) Programme in Community & Youth Leadership.  It aims to develop community youth leaders to become self-initiated advocates for the community and exemplary leaders and mentors to other students.  They will work with our various community partners, advocate the needs of the community, identify viable platforms and serve the community through community service projects, including presenting such opportunities to other CCA groups. They will also be our national ambassadors, participate in nation-wide projects/events to make a positive impact to the nation and help strengthen the Singapore Spirit.  

 * Service Learning is an approach where students identify the needs of the community, serve the community to meet the needs and reflect upon their experience in working with the community so as to have a good understanding and appreciation of what it involves.