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Red Cross

CVSS Red Cross Youth integrates character-building, leadership, essential lifesaving skills, blood donation knowledge and local community service in its curriculum, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity as core focuses. Cadets hone their leadership skills by managing themselves, their peers and their juniors. Anchored on the motto “Humanity in our Hands”, cadets are trained to be adaptable, resilient and confident team players. 

Some of our notable achievements in 2018 include:

  1. Mavis Chan achieved the prestigious Red Cross Youth Directors Award, one of only 40 recipients throughout Singapore this year.      This award is given to the top cadets of each batch who displayed excellence in leadership, and demonstrates values of resilience, respect and integrity.

  2. Red Cross cadets were trained as Youth Ambassadors of Blood Donation. In collaboration with Sengkang Community Club, all cadets participated in a community blood donation drive. The lower secondary cadets helped advocate blood donation to the public while the Secondary Threes organised and supervised the events. 

  3. CVSS Red Cross Youth continues to support the National Blood Programme. In 2017, the unit collected 233 units of blood, out of 116,218 units across Singapore, achieving the BMO Merit Award. 

  4. During the annual June Camp, the unit visited the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, one of the services of the Singapore Red Cross. Cadets also raised funds for them through the Singapore Red Cross Flag Day. The unit also went on a heritage trail around the Civic District, organised by the Secondary One cadets. By visiting the various landmarks, cadets gained a deeper understanding of the historical significance of these places. 

  5. CVSS Red Cross Youth achieved the Excellent Unit Award (Gold) for the 13th consecutive year. This is testament to the excellence in training, event management and participation in community service activities. 

Each Red Cross cadet is given opportunities to lead and serve through the running of training sessions and events. Reflections during training sessions help cadets continually improve with each training. The Secondary Three unit leaders lead through planning and executing key programmes such as the annual camp and HQ events. 

The unit aspires to cultivate discipline, empathy and service through our training and strategic thrust in developing leadership for all. The unit also aims to inspire and develop a committed alumni to return to serve as Volunteer Instructors to share their experiences with their juniors. 

Red Cross Youth

Cadets sharing their ideas at the Trailblazers Championships 2018.jpgCadets during SRC Flag Day.jpg

L-R: Cadets sharing their ideas at the Trailblazers Championships 2018; Cadets during SRC Flag Day