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CVSS National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) engages students in a stringent but enjoyable programme. The key thrusts of the unit’s training framework are character and leadership development. Cadets will develop useful qualities such as resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance through drills training and programmes. This year, our unit took part in the Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition and the NPCC Annual Parade. Cadets also attend courses in Police Knowledge, Road Safety Training, Crime Prevention, Homefront Security, Civil Defence as well as Leadership and Mentoring. These courses help to build our cadets’ character, instil in them the core values espoused by NPCC and equip them with important knowledge of Singapore’s modern security needs.

In addition, cadets have the opportunity to fire the .22 calibre revolvers as part of their marksmanship training and compete with other units' cadets in the annual Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition held at NPCC Headquarters (HQ). Another highlight of the CCA is the opportunity provided for cadets to take part in Adventure and Survival Training camps held at Pulau Ubin, where they get to experience the Flying Fox, various ropes elements and challenges as well as learn basic survival cooking, kayaking and rafting. The annual Adventure and Survival Training camps were held in February this year and the students were able to learn several basic skills. It was indeed a memorable and rewarding experience for all the cadets.

As part of the unit’s enrichment programmes, the unit took part in a mass dragon boating session, which allowed them to bond with one another across the different levels. The Secondary One cadets also had the chance to experience shooting the air pistol through their enrichment programme, while the Secondary Two cadets went through a full two-day Standard First Aid Course. The Secondary Three cadets, on the other hand, successfully completed their 1-Star Kayaking course in July. 

Overall, it has been an enriching year for CVSS NPCC!