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NCC (Air)

As a national Uniformed Group, CVSS NCC aims to develop our cadets to be committed citizens, resourceful individuals and responsible leaders. We offer opportunities for cadets to enhance their ability to think critically as well as develop values of teamwork, resilience and responsibility. 

The structured weekly training sessions focus on skill development, physical fitness and team-bonding. Our cadets also actively participate in programmes organised by HQ NCC such as Camp Forge and Camp Steel, as well as in military-related activities, such as courses in survival skills, outdoor adventure, individual fieldcraft, advanced precision drills and live weapons training. Senior cadets will also be offered opportunities to take part in highly-skilled operations such as basic diving course, airborne paratrooper jumps and live range. In addition, cadet leaders will be invited to participate in International Cadet Exchange Programmes (ICEP) with trips to Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, India, Great Britain and the United States, as well as taking part in national events, such as the Singapore Youth Festival and the National Day Parade.

As an Air unit, CVSS NCC offers students a unique experience in flight-related training modules such as flight science and avionics, air defence systems and aeromodelling. NCC (Air) cadets are also given opportunities to take part in experiential and familiarisation flights in military aircrafts such as the C-130 Hercules and F-50 Fokker aircrafts, and the CH-47 Chinook helicopter. They also have the chance to conduct simulation flights on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. In all air training modules, cadets will be guided by RSAF trainers in both technical and flying aspects in RSAF bases. 

Thus, as a whole, our NCC cadets would be introduced to skills useful for their National Service (for the boys) as well as knowledge for their post-secondary education and career prospects in the aviation industry.

2017-2018 was an eventful period for CVSS NCC. Apart from the cadets’ successful completion of the various Air Proficiency Courses organised by the RSAF, seven of our Cadet Leaders also graduated from the Senior Specialist Leadership Course as part of their leadership training assessment. Four of our Senior Cadets also successfully completed certification as Auxiliary Instructors in Precision and Advanced Drills. Additionally, nine of our Cadet Leaders attained ‘Distinction’ in marksmanship, while three Senior Cadet Leaders earned promotion to Cadet Officers. Our Girls’ Road Relay Team also did the unit proud by achieving the 2nd Runner-Up position in the 2018 NCC Inter-Unit Road Relay Competition. 

Our unit was also actively involved in the various Inter-Unit Competitions, such as the Freestyle and Precision Drills Competition, the Fitness Challenge, the Orienteering Competition, as well as the Air Competition. One of our Cadet Leaders, SSG Khiew An Kai, was selected to represent the Air District Shooting Team in the NCC Shooting Competition. Our cadets were also involved in the Freestyle Drills and Parade contingents for the National Day Observance Ceremony at the Sengkang Community Club. They also provided vital support for various school events.  

Despite being relative newcomers as an Air unit, we achieved the Silver Award in the 2017 Best Unit Competition. Our aspirations in bringing our unit to greater heights have certainly motivated us to produce better performances. The pride and dedication of our cadets and teacher-officers have indeed established a strong foundation to build for ourselves a purposeful and well-respected unit.