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Boys Brigade

The CVSS Boys’ Brigade (BB) is a CCA that focuses on the development of the youth. Its mission is to nurture youth, based on sound values, to lead and serve.

With a team of committed teachers, officers and boy leaders, the BB has consistently excelled in the past decade with its strong track record in the annual JM Fraser Award for Unit Excellence, the highest accolade for BB Companies in Singapore awarded by BB Headquarters (BBHQ).

The BB’s innovative and customised integrated four-year programme consists of activities and events either organised internally or by BBHQ, with the aim of building confidence for leadership and service, as well as to nurture compassion and enable character development. Some of the key BB programmes organised for our boys this year were our cycling trip at Coney Island, air-rifle & kayaking courses, and the BB 3D2N Adventure Camp. The boys also actively took part in various national events such as the National Day Parade and Christmas Light-Up as the Boys’ Brigade reached out to serve the public and enhance our school’s reputation at the same time.

In the BB, character development is crucial. BB events such as the BB National Share-A-Gift programme, BB Cares project and Purple Parade for Special Needs Persons help them develop compassion for the less fortunate as well as show appreciation for the people around them. The boys are also given the opportunities to strive for excellence by representing the school in various national competitions such as the BB Blaze and BB Character Quest in which teamwork is also emphasised. The CVSS BB teams have consistently achieved Honour Roll awards in these national competitions. The boys have also consistently been awarded the Best Boy Award and BB Founder’s Men Award, which are the highest accolades for BB Boys in Singapore awarded by BBHQ every year.