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Compassvale Basketballers are held to a high standard of being student athletes. While the commitment to train hard and play tough is the baseline, the basketballers are also expected to demonstrate good behaviour and excel in their academia.  

The team trains throughout the year in preparation for both the North Zone ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions Basketball Championships. Under the guidance and watchful eye of our coach, Mr Vincent Ong, our players train twice a week at the school basketball court.  

Each training session is tailored to hone the physical, technical as well as the tactical skills of each member, bearing in mind the position he or she plays in. Through consistent effort and unyielding spirits, both the ‘C’ Division boys and girls did us proud this year by achieving 4th and 3rd respectively in the ActiveSG-BAS Basketball Development League.  

During the November/December school holidays, all the basketballers dedicate themselves to prepare for next year’s championships, putting in extra work especially in the physical aspects.  

To move forward and realise our goal, we urge our basketballers to remember our motto: One Team, One Dream.
Our team will continue to live up to our motto ‘One Team, One Dream!’ and to our mission which is ‘to develop well-rounded basketballers’. The broad philosophy of our approach is to ensure that every student who has the potential, ability or interest is provided the opportunity to develop their potential to the fullest.