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CVSS Drama Club enriches its members with a holistic experience in theatrical arts by empowering them with relevant skills and confidence, culminating in creative exchanges through drama and dialogue. 

In Drama Club, our group of distinctively energetic and dynamic performers’ intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral domains are developed through scripting and staging of various original works that engage their thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Under the guidance of a professional and experienced trainer, our members are also exposed to valuable life skills such as developing positive social skills, learning to negotiate various viewpoints and portraying a range of emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Through this learning experience, they are better able to comprehend their emotions and develop empathy with others.  

This year, our Drama members went back to basics during the “Human Values Competition” where they staged a piece entitled “The Seed”, depicting a character’s self-discovery of what it means to be kind and compassionate. They complimented their physical and vocal expressions with simple yet effective sound and lighting to portray a thoroughly engaging piece that was well loved by the judges. 

They also participated in the “SYF Celebrations in the Community” for the first time at Jurong Regional Library where they performed an original work entitled “Not Just a Fairy tale”, enthralling audiences with a fresh take on age old stories. 

The Drama Club aims to not only continue delivering engaging and thought-provoking performances for events and competitions, but also expose its members to world-class theatrical performances of multiple genres.

Empowering the drama members to understand and influence their world through exploring roles and situations, the Drama Club will continue to seize more opportunities to showcase their talents and passion for theatrical arts both in school and beyond.