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The PA/AVA/Robotics Club plays a critical role in manning the school’s audio and visual infrastructure to ensure the smooth operation of school events. It gives the opportunity for our students to demonstrate responsibility and resilience through learning on-the-job while performing their morning daily duties. Our students are given the opportunity to acquire new skills and develop their competencies in the operation of the PA equipment through weekly training programme to ensure that they are operationally ready for every school event.
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The PA/AVA /Robotics Club strongly believes in inculcating leadership, teamwork, responsibility and resilience in every crew member. From robotics training and competition to PA/AVA training on the use of various PA equipment and role play, every member has the opportunity to lead and demonstrate his leadership qualities and creativity. Indeed, our members have done us proud by clinching numerous awards at various competitions.

Moving forward, the teachers in charge of PA/AVA/Robotics will continue to identify various platforms for our students to enhance their technical skills in handling the audio and visual equipment and also continue to help our students to improve their programming skills and creativity in robotics through more competitions and training.

Key Achievements
ITE Robotics Challenge 2018
Line Tracing Category: Merit Award

Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Robotics 2018: First Placing

IDE Robotics Challenge 2018IDE Challenge 2018 Prize Presentation for First Placing.JPG
IDE Challenge 2018 Robotics in action.JPG