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Media Resource Library

Media Resource Library is a CCA that seeks to ignite the love for reading in everyone through our array of special events and themes such as ‘Books to Films’, ‘Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!’ and ‘Sci-Fi’. 

Through training and quarterly meetings, the students interact and share ideas on archiving and book reviews. 

Our close partnership with the Sengkang Public Library allows our students to give back to the community with the skills they have acquired. Selected students learn from experienced librarians on the duties and responsibilities of being an ambassador of reading for life. Students get to immerse themselves in the real-life setting of interacting with members of the public and seek knowledge on the complexities of archiving, shelving and curating books in the library. 

This year, our student librarians also organised and conducted ‘Racial Synergy’ at Sengkang Public Library, which was an event to celebrate the diversity of our multi-racial society.

Student Librarians conducting Racial Synergy at Sengkang Public Library.jpg

                             Racial Synergy: a community outreach event organised in collaboration with Sengkang Public Library

Storytelling session by student librarians.jpg
Storytelling session by Student Librarians

Colouring of traditional motifs.jpg
Teaching members of the community to colour traditional motifs