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Environment Club

The Environment Club was set up in 2006 and has since grown from a small group to a sizeable number of students across all levels who are passionate in championing the environmental cause. 

Through the activities conducted by the Environment Club, we seek to foster the attitude of ‘I know, I act and I promote’ in our Environment Champions (ECs), to be ardent and committed leaders in advocating the practice of the 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle for sustainable living. Some of our community outreach programmes such as the International Coastal Clean-Up and North East Clean & Green Carnival provide our ECs with a platform to actively organise and participate in environmental activities which promote environmental awareness in the community. The Environment Club also organised learning journeys to Pulau Hantu as well as S.E.A Aquarium in order to heighten environmental awareness in our students. Through these valuable learning experiences, our ECs have grown from strength to strength and developed into strong advocates of environmental sustainability.

Our close partnerships with national environmental agencies such as NEA, PUB and NParks also enabled us to further enhance our existing 3Rs, water and biodiversity programmes. Our ECs attended workshops, such as the Environment Champions Workshop and the Panasonic-NEA Environment Champions (Schools) Industry Module – Secondary Schools organised by NEA to enhance their environmental knowledge. In partnership with PUB, we adopted Sengkang Floating Wetland and developed the Friends of Water Programme. With NParks, we embarked on the Greening Schools for Biodiversity Programme under the Community in Nature Initiative to enable our ECs to better appreciate and conserve our natural biodiversity. 

Led by our school leaders and the Environment Club, our school is designated as a ‘Bright Spot’ within school by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) and MOE CCE Unit under Keep Singapore Clean Movement since 2016. 

Biodiversity trail in our school to appreciate and discover our natural biodiversity.JPG
Students on a biodiversity trail in our school to appreciate and discover our natural biodiversity

ECs engaging members of the public to advocate environmental sustainability.jpg
Students interacting with members of the public to advocate environmental sustainability

Learning about marine life during the Intertidal Walk at Pulau Hantu.jpg

Students learning about marine life during the Intertidal Walk at Pulau Hantu

p9 row2_1 Environment Club.jpg
Happy smiles as staff and students worked together to clean up the coast during International Coastal Clean-Up 2018