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Parent Support Group

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Who are we?

We are parents of CVSS students who are keen to take an active role in shaping the crucial teenage years of our children. 

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What is CVSS-PSG’s purpose?

CVSS PSG aims to: 

(1) Promote close co-operation and understanding between parents/guardians, school leaders and teachers in matters relating to holistic development of students 
(2) Provide support to school in the development of students 
(3) Encourage social activities and relationship among parents, teachers and students

Why join PSG?

As parents of CVSS students, you are automatically a member of the PSG.  As a PSG Member, you can get involved by: 

(1) Attending training / educational workshops
(2) Participating in social and educational programmes for students and other parents 
(3) Being part of the feedback unit to build a nurturing, caring school and home environment for your child 

- Click here to sign up / fill in particulars for PSG updates: https://tinyurl.com/CVSSPSGsignup

For more information or queries, please email CVSS PSG at cvss.sfepsg@gmail.com.

Useful Parenting Tips (click titles below to access documents)

School events

1. Sec 1 Parents’ Talk
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2. Chinese New Year Celebration

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3. Sec 1 Parents’ Welcome Brunch

4.   Racial Harmony Day Carnival