Champions in N3 Cluster Inter-Schools Malay Scrabble Competition 2019

Our North Stars took part in the annual N3 Cluster Inter-Schools Malay Scrabble Competition organised by Pei Hwa Secondary School on 19 September 2019 and did our school proud by coming in 1st and 3rd in the Upper and Lower Secondary Categories (Team) respectivelyOur Upper Secondary team was helmed by Muhammad Qayyum (3N1), Ilham Yusuf (3N2), Nur Insyirah (3E2) and Nur’Ain Ayuni (3E2) while our Lower Secondary team was represented by Musheera (2E1), Nurul ‘Arifah (2E1), Nur Syakirah (2E2) and Zikry Mirza (2N2).  In addition, they also did well in the Individual Categories.  Zikry Mirza Bin Soherdy (2N2) won 2nd Placing in the Lower Secondary Category while Nur’Ain Ayuni Binte Sulaiman and Nur Insyirah Binte Mohammed Suhairin (both from 3E2) came in 1st and 2nd respectively in the Upper Secondary Category.

Champions in N3 Cluster Inter-Schools Malay Scrabble Competition

As part of the Malay Language Unit’s efforts in making Malay Language learning attractive, fun and purposeful, teachers organised regular ‘Games’ Days’ where students engaged in playing games such as the Malay Scrabble. In this adaptation of the classic board game, students build as many words as they can from a pile of tiles within the allocated time. In addition to having a reasonable knowledge of vocabulary, students also honed their confidence, calmness and the ability to strategize their game-play by purposeful interceptions and quick thinking. The students’ competitive spirit were further piqued when the best students were selected to represent their classes at the inter-class Malay Scrabble competition where the winners were chosen to represent the school at the above inter-schools competition.  Indeed, as fun as it was, the game was challenging and we faced stiff competition from our counterparts in the cluster.

The ML Unit hopes that our students’ joy of learning the language through these games and activities was ignited, as there is much they can gain from learning the Malay language. Just as the renowned psycholinguist Frank Smith would say, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”