40 students from our four Performing Arts CCA groups (Band, Choir Dance and Drama) visited Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai, China from 29 Oct to 5 Nov 2017 to enrich their appreciation and learning experience of performing arts, develop 21st century competencies of global awareness, cross-cultural skills and sensitivities, and sensitive themselves to the place of Singapore in the world and deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

The students had ample opportunities to watch various world class arts performances which included the Song Dynasty City Musical performance at Song Dynasty City and the famous “Impression of West Lake” outdoor performance in Hangzhou. The students also tried their hands at a traditional Chinese paper fan-making workshop in a Fan Museum in Hangzhou and attended a half-day exchange programme with the Hangzhou Art School where they watched the dance students going through their paces and the drama students putting up their practical test in drama performance.  In Suzhou, the students was treated to a night of traditional Jiangnan cultural performances by experts in Pingtan, Kunqu, Guqing and Dixiao in the idyllic Master-of-Net garden.  In Shanghai, the students had the rare opportunity to watch a fusion drama performance incorporating acrobatic acts by “Dislocate”, an acclaimed Australian drama troupe in the state of the art Shanghai International Dance Theatre.

As part of our school exchange, the students also visited our twinning schools in Suzhou - SIP Xinggang School and Changshu Foreign Language Junior Middle School. Our students watched Dance, Drama and Choir performances put up by their students and in turn performed a song and dance item.  At Xinggang School, our students also learnt about Chinese Calligraphy, principles of flight and osmosis in plant cells in specially arranged lessons. At Changshu School, our students also observed a Geography lesson.

For cultural immersion, the students visited numerous places of historical and cultural significance in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai such as the West Lake, Grand Canal, Mausoleum of General Yue Fei, Nanxun old watertown, Shanghai Municipal History Museum etc. They were exposed to Chinese History, Literature and the Arts as they learnt about stories of heroism, loyalty and piety. The students also got to visit many interesting places such as Zhongshuge (the most beautiful bookstore in Shanghai), Meiji Dairies Co. Ltd, Yushan Scenic Area where they had wild mushroom noodles for lunch and Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.

Indeed, the entire trip was an eye-opening one filled with numerous opportunities to gain new knowledge and forge new friends beyond our shores and our students captured many moments of learning and camaraderie.