Second and Fourth Placings in IDE LEGO Robotics Competition 2016

The Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) LEGO Robotics Competition is an annual event organised by  Nullspace Science for all primary and secondary school students on a national platform.  The competition was held on 17 March at Anglican High School this year.  Our students took part in the competition for the first time and competed against 27 teams from many reputable schools, which includes Anglican High School, Chua Chu Kang Secondary, Riverside Secondary School, School of Science and Technology and Yishun Town Secondary.  We are proud to share that despite our first attempt, our students have emerged victorious and clinched Second and Fourth placings in this competition!

The competition emphasizes on innovativeness, design element and engineering skills. Students are given a mission or challenge which varies from year to year and is revealed only at the start of the competition.  In this year’s competition, students were required to build and programme a robot within 4 hours to complete various tasks, such as removing designated “rubbish” blocks to a disposal area, locating a green block and transporting the green block back to the end area.  It was indeed a difficult challenge.  However, our students have worked hard to train for the competition and demonstrated their use of critical and inventive thinking.  They have also shown great resilience, strong teamwork and good sportsmanship as they faced the more established teams during the competition. All of these indeed exemplify the indomitable North Star spirit expected of all our students!