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School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

In CVSS, we believe there is a star in all our students and help our students find the compass in their lives and realise the star within. We want all our students to be like the North Star, shining brightly with good character and excellence in both academic and non-academic domains, as a guiding light for the community and the world. We aim to foster a vibrant learning community with a nurturing school climate through diverse and engaging school programmes with ample opportunities for student participation and student voice. Our culture and ethos are ‘Achieve our Best’ (every student a ‘North Star’); ‘Believe in Every Child’ (everyone can achieve and all can succeed); ‘Care for Every Child’ (every teacher guides and mentors each ‘North Star’ in developing holistically as individuals) and ‘Determined to Learn’ (every student comes to school with the right attitude for learning and the mindset of high expectations).