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Principal's Message 2018 

Mr Chia Chor Yann, Principal - Dec 2017

Our school vision is for our students to become ‘World Ready Youth’ - Innovative contributors and upright citizens with a global outlook, with a passion for living and life-long learning.  We believe there is a star in all our students and help them Realise the Star Within, which is our school motto.  We call our students “North Stars” and endeavour to develop them into a North Star, shining brightly with impeccable character and achieving excellence in both academic and non-academic domains, and acting as a guiding light for the community and the world.  We help our students find their own compasses in life and achieve success in their own ways – doing what they find meaningful and living a life of purpose.  Our teachers are committed to bringing out the best in each and every student.  Our culture and ethos are Achieve our Best; Believe in Every Child; Care for Every Child and Determined to Learn.  To further ingrain our school ethos in our students, we have come up with the North Star’s Pledge – I will learn and find my compass; I will excel and strive to go far; I will grow and live a life of purpose; I will shine as I am a North Star!”

With our North Star Education Programme, we offer a total curriculum that covers all five domains of student development (cognitive/social/moral/physical/aesthetics) to develop our students to be world and future-ready, anchored on the right values and equipped with 21st century competencies.  We aim to foster a vibrant learning community with a positive school culture and nurturing school climate through diverse and engaging school programmes with ample opportunities for student participation and student voice.  We actively seek and continuously strengthen strategic partnerships with our stakeholders and partners to garner support and provide a varied learning experience for our students.  Since 2017, our focus has been on inculcating the joy of learning, developing the entrepreneurial dare and strengthening the Singapore Spirit in our students, in alignment with MOE’s strategic direction.

Our instructional programme is based on our i-TEACH framework for integrated, engaged and assessed learning, with teachers as curriculum innovators, collaborative learners and holistic educators. This is in alignment with the Singapore Curriculum Philosophy, Knowledge Bases and Pedagogical Practices under the Singapore Teaching Practice framework launched by the MOE in July 2017.  Our school-wide pedagogies include Inquiry-Based Learning, Thinking Routines, ICT-enabled Active Learning and Self-Directed & Collaborative Learning.  We have consistently achieved value-added results through our PrIME (Proactive, Intervention, Motivating & Empowering) framework driven by our Academic Excellence (ACE) Committee, with strategies such as PEC (Personal Educational & Career) Plan, ASPIRE motivational programme, Head Start Programme, After School Study Programme/Start Right Programme/Teacher Mentors for students who need additional learning support.   

To produce future problem solvers, we aim to build our strengths in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teaching.  This is supported by our distinctive Aeronautics Applied Learning Programme to capitalise on career opportunities in a fast-growing aeronautical/aerospace industry in Singapore; inter-disciplinary Project Work for all lower secondary Express/NA students with a scientific focus on environment education/sustainable living; Science Outdoor Learning Experiential Programme/Elementz Science Research Programme; ‘O’ level Electronics Applied Science Subject (to be introduced to Sec 3/2019), Fun Math Programme, Craft & Technology 3D Design/Printing Programme, ICT Code-for-Fun/Micro-controller programme etc. 

We also place a strong emphasis on character education, which is anchored by the Character & Citizenship Education programme and our distinctive Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Community and Youth Leadership - 'Inspired North Stars Inspire Actions'.  Our LLP aims to inspire students to make a difference to the community through pro-active actions with a vision of “Serve to Lead, Lead to Inspire”.  Under our ‘CVSS CAReS’ (Care in Action, Ready to Serve) Values-in-Action programme, all our students embark on various level-wide VIA projects every year to serve the community.  These include community projects with Sengkang Community Centre/North East CDC, environmental projects under our Green Compass Programme for all Sec 1 and 2 students, student-led service learning projects for all Sec 3 students in partnership with Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Sunlove Home and Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN), and annual Overseas Service Learning Programme (OSLP) to Vietnam for student leaders etc. 

Our student development programme is centred on the STAR Programme – 

Seek out your strength - Understanding oneself, social emotional competencies profiling/social-emotional learning, social skills training, peer support & relationships programme/peer support leaders, leadership opportunities/development 

Take responsibility - Responsibility to self/family/school/community/world through values education and community involvement in values-in-actions/environmental projects 

Adopt an enterprising spirit - Developing entrepreneurial dare and learning through failure through project work, outdoor education/adventure camps etc 

Ready for the world - Educational and career guidance, information/financial literacy, personal mastery, emotional/adversity/cultural quotient, Practice-Oriented Curriculum (Elective Modules and Advanced Elective Modules for all Sec 3 students to explore post-secondary educational/career options), overseas learning journeys  

Staff professional development is key to developing staff competency in effective teaching and learning as well as providing pastoral care for all our students.  Our Staff Professional Development Committee under the leadership of our School Staff Developer, supported by 2 Lead Teachers and 6 Senior Teachers, promotes a strong culture for continuous learning, with teachers as reflective practitioners and collaborative learners, within the school as a professional learning community and beyond the school in the larger education fraternity.  We have embarked on an Assessment Literacy journey since 2016 and Whole School Approach to Effective Communication since 2017 to further enhance our teachers’ professional mastery in teaching and learning. Our teachers also regularly share their learning beyond the school such as at the International Conference for Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT), AST Teacher-Led Workshops and N3 cluster ICT symposium.   

Our students and staff have once again achieved many breakthroughs and sustained successes in 2017 with hard work and grit, as reflected in the compilation of our school achievements in this yearbook.  Many students also have had new and enhanced experiences in their academic learning and CCAs (e.g. hiking trip to Hong Kong for uniformed groups/sports CCAs which challenges their physical and endurance limits; performing arts trip to Hangzhou/Suzhou/Shanghai for performing arts CCAs to expose them to arts schools and world class performances; aeronautics/vocational learning journey to Beijing/Tianjin to visit aeronautics/vocational schools and industry).  With a committed staff, determined students and supportive parents and stakeholders, we are confident that CVSS will continue to provide quality education and school experience for all our students and help them realise the star within, so that they will stand tall and proud, as the Star of the North!   

Mr Chia Chor Yann, Principal
December 2017


Principal's Message 2016

Mr Chia Chor Yann, Principal - April 2016Compassvale Secondary has just celebrated her 15th anniversary last year and I am privileged to have taken over as the fourth principal from Mdm Ong Teck Hui, who retired from the Education Service on 31 Dec 2015. 

Mrs Wong Mei Heng, the founding principal, laid a solid foundation for the school to achieve our vision of a ‘World Ready Youth’ in all our students. Mrs Ang Ju Lang, the second principal, focused on building a culture of care. Mdm Ong, the third principal, refined the school mission, vision, values, and lifted the school further by establishing a mindset of high expectations in all students and staff. Over the last 15 years, CVSS has grown from strength to strength and has now established a solid presence in the Sengkang/Punggol community as a school of choice, offering a holistic education and quality school experience for all our students.

Our school’s key strengths have been consistently value-added academic results, student all-round development, and a professional and dedicated staff adept in customised and innovative curriculum and pedagogy. To develop our students into ‘World Ready Youths’ – Innovative contributors and upright citizens with a global outlook, with a passion for living and life-long learning – we will continue to uphold our school ethos which has always been:

  • Achieve our best – Every student a ‘North Star’ with good character who excels in both academic and non-academic domains
  • Believe in every child – Everyone can achieve and all can succeed
  • Care for every child – Every teacher guides and mentors each ‘North Star’ in developing holistically as individuals
  • Determination to learn – Every student comes to school with the right attitude for learning and the mindset of high expectations

We have formulated our school strategic plan for 2016-2018 with four strategic thrusts:

1. Develop 21st century Students through a holistic, student-centric, values-driven education
2. Build Staff capacity through staff learning and development, good staff management and care for staff
3. Enhance School learning environment and administration/management systems
4. Foster strong and sustained partnerships with key Stakeholders

These are translated into the following initiatives among others which will keep us busy in the next few years:

1. Strengthening our signature North Star Education Programme to deliver a Total Curriculum that develops 21st century competencies and covers all five domains of student development (physical/cognitive/social/moral/aesthetic), including the formation of a Student Development Team to ensure coherence and alignment to school goals.

2. Creating a Vibrant Learning Community with a caring school climate through diverse school programmes with ample opportunities for participation in external competitions/events, greater student engagement and stronger student voice. Two of our students have received the 2016 A*STAR Science Award for Research Exposure Programme and our students have continued to do well in external competitions, such as team champions and 2nd Runners-up in ITE College East Robotics Challenge, team champions in ITE College West EBS Amazing Race, team champions in North 3 Cluster ML Scrabble Competition etc. Our Red Cross Youth Unit has clinched the Gold Excellent Unit Award 2015 for the 11th consecutive year while NCC Air, NPCC, Boys Brigade, Girl Guides have all achieved Silver best unit awards for 2015. Both our Choir and Dance CCA will be performing publicly at the 2016 SYF Celebrations @ The Esplanade this July.

3. Leveraging our iTEACH Framework for integrated learning (teachers as curriculum innovators and students as engaged learners), levelling up school-wide pedagogies (Assessment for Learning, Thinking Routines, Flipped Classroom), establishing a pervasive ICT-enabled learning environment, and providing strong support for learning (Academic Excellence Programme, Normal Course Programme) to ensure effective teaching and learning. The school will be offering Higher Chinese Language to Sec 1 students with effect from 2017.

4. Establishing our new Applied Learning Programme in Aeronautics to provide authentic learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects (The previous Interdisciplinary ALP in Integrated Curriculum will be converted into interdisciplinary Project Work focusing on sustainable living to provide well-balanced integrated learning of the Humanities and the Sciences and to develop critical and creative thinking).

5. Deepening our Learning for Life Programme in Community & Youth Leadership (‘Inspired North Stars Inspire Action’) as part of our values education, through school-wide, structured student leadership development and pro-active community engagement, especially in our immediate neighbourhood. Our ‘Keep CVSS Clean Movement’ has been featured in MOE NE Forte and on MediaCorp Hello Singapore! News talk show recently. 

6. Establishing a Practice-Oriented Curriculum through Elective Modules/Advanced Elective Modules for all Sec 3 students to acquire attributes of lifelong learning for SkillsFuture, and enhancing our Educational and Career Guidance Programme with our school-based ECG counsellor. 50 parents signed up for our inaugural ECG Forum for parents, as part of our flagship ‘Ready for the World’ programme for graduating students. 

7. Continuous development of teachers as reflective practitioners and collaborative learners, in a professional learning community with a strong culture of learning. We have 3 Lead Teachers and 4 Senior Teachers and our teachers are involved in many networked learning communities, collaborative research projects etc. Our school has completed the North Zone Assessment Literacy Programme and continued with another Assessment Literacy Project with MOE CPDD. Three teams of teachers have presented separate papers at the recent International Conference for Technology in Teaching and Learning.

8. Continuous improvement in school learning environment (eg. Air-conditioning of selected classrooms, more outdoor learning and social spaces, completion of MOE Repair and Renovation Project in June 2016, construction of covered walkway into the school by end 2016 etc)

9. Continuing and initiating partnership projects with key stakeholders and partners (SAC, Parent Support Group/Parent Volunteers, Alumni, educational institutions, government agencies, Sengkang CC other community bodies etc). Our SAC Chairman donated the seed funding for our inaugural North Star Scholars Programme for talent development with effect from 2016 Sec 1 cohort. Our Parent Support Group saw the largest turnout for the Welcome Brunch for Sec 1 parents this year. We also hosted the Sengkang CC Edusave Awards Ceremony in our school for the convenience of the residents staying nearby.

Since the beginning of the year, we have already seen encouraging results from the various initiatives as mentioned above and are heartened by the positive response and efforts from students, staff and stakeholders. With a committed staff, determined students and supportive parents and stakeholders, I am confident that CVSS will continue to provide quality education to all our students and help them realise the star within.

Mr Chia Chor Yann, Principal
April 2016

Principal's Message 2015

Mdm Ong Teck Hui, Principal - July 2015

2015 holds special significance for CVSS. It is not just the year of our National Golden Jubilee. It is also the 15th anniversary of the founding of CVSS!

15 years is a key milestone for a new heartland school. Since its inception in 2000, CVSS has made impressive progress as a school of choice, offering quality education to the Sengkang-Punggol community at their doorsteps. 

Mrs Wong Mei Heng, the founding principal, led the school in creating a future-focused Vision: World Ready Youth. She laid a strong foundation for effective teaching and learning by putting in place excellent structures, programmes and processes. Indeed, when the first cohort of North Stars took their GCE ‘O’ Level examinations in 2003, their sterling performance won the school its first Gold Value-added Award and together with it, the trust and faith of the stakeholders. 

Mrs Ang Ju Lang, the second principal, continued the good work of Mrs Wong. Under her leadership, the school maintained its excellent performance and focused on building a Culture of Care. 

In 2010, when I first joined the school, it was an opportune time to re-envision the school’s Vision, Mission and Values since the school had crossed the ten-year mark. The entire staff was engaged in a strategic planning workshop during which the Vision was sharpened, Mission refined and Values refreshed. Structures and programmes which remain relevant were retained. A 5-year Strategic Plan was drawn up to set new goals and chart the direction of the school for the next five years. While retaining the Culture of Care, the school also moves towards the Mindset of High Expectations, to keep up with a fast changing world. 

Mindful that no education system could exceed the quality of its teachers, the capacity building of teachers has remained a key focus for the past few years. The whole school became a Professional Learning Community in 2010. Our teachers become leaders in ensuring that our students learn to be World Ready Youth with 21st century competencies. The high level of teacher competence is evident with the appointment of two Lead Teachers and three of our teachers being recognised as Associates of the Academy of Singapore Teachers. We have also put in place a strong mentorship programme where senior teachers demonstrate teacher leadership by sharing their expertise and experience with junior staff. 

As the world becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), our students will require more than just good academic qualifications. They would also need a set of life skills and attitudes to complement the cognitive ones, for example, the willingness to learn and explore, be a good team member and have relevant communication, collaboration and information skills. 

In CVSS, we leverage on our Applied Learning Programme to help equip our North Stars with the relevant life skills. Our ALP, the Integrated Curriculum, develops our North Stars as critical and creative thinkers through authentic learning experiences. 

We are mindful that in developing one’s critical and creative thinking skills, it is important to be able to understand and appreciate the different perspectives held by different groups of people so as to deepen one’s own thinking. Hence, a keen sense of social awareness would enable one to accurately discern different perspectives. In this regard, we have selected the focus of our impending Learning for Life Programme (LLP) to be student leadership development through Character and Citizenship Education and Values in Action programmes. We are confident that our ALP and LLP will complement each other in the holistic education of our North Stars in the years to come. 

Mdm Ong Teck Hui
Principal, July 2015