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Student Development

Keeping our eyes on the school motto, the Student Development Team carefully designs a ‘Realising the Star Within’ learning experience to support the delivery of North Star Education Programme (NSEP) for the holistic development of students. It seeks to provide varied and authentic opportunities for North Stars to develop their character, social-emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies. To achieve student-centricity, specific learning experiences are designed to meet the developmental and progression needs of North Stars at each level.

The STAR Programme

A signature level-wide programme as part of providing a ‘Realising the Star Within’ learning experience for all students in each level. This level-wide programme is developed to enable each North Star realise his/her potential to the fullest:

  • Seek out your strength for Sec 1 – Facilitate North Star’s discovery of their strengths through the Social-Emotional Competency profiling tool, activities-based workshops to develop social-emotional competencies, The Leadership Challenge workshop to develop leadership skills

  • Take responsibility for Sec 2 – Enable North Stars to discover their place, roles and responsibilities in their community, environment and nation by providing them with authentic opportunities to take action, such as through Environmental Education (Green Compass Programme, adoption of Sengkang Floating Wetland, International Coastal Clean-Up), and Citizenship Education learning journeys
  • Adopt an enterprising spirit for Sec 3 – Develop an enterprising spirit and overcome challenges through Outdoor Adventure Camps, Outward Bound Singapore Camps
  • Ready for the world for Sec 4/5 – Equip students with the necessary knowledge, life-skills and attitude to be ready for the world after graduation through a series of Financial Literacy/Personalities Profiling/Social Etiquette/Life Skills and Personal Effectiveness workshops/talks; Educational & Career  Guidance seminars/learning journeys, Resume Writing & Interview Skills workshop/In Conversation with Alumni Professionals