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The English Language Department aims to nurture every North Star to become a confident communicator and critical thinker. We strive to prepare students to meet the demands of the world through our authentic and integrated English and Literature curriculum that is designed and anchored by our team of creative and dedicated teachers.
Envisaged to equip North Stars with “Language for Life”, the English Language Department lends support to the school’s vision of “World Ready Youth”. Language proficiency is a critical 21st century competency for students to realise their potential and pursue their dreams in this increasingly cosmopolitan and IT-savvy world.
We believe that language learning should be a reflection of the world and a platform for developing the whole child. Our curriculum is therefore an extension of the school’s holistic North Star Education Programme, providing opportunities for developing the following character domains of each student: cognitive, aesthetic, social and moral and student morale.
At the same time, we also aim to nurture critical thinkers who are able to critically discern, evaluate and appreciate a diverse spectrum of the written and spoken genres. We see our teachers as passionate and reflective practitioners who are experts in English Language and Literature pedagogy and curriculum design.
In our contribution to the community, we see ourselves as an ‘interchange’ where best practices in English Language and Literature teaching and curriculum are launched, shared, exchanged and further refined.