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We strive to develop every student to his fullest potential through our
North Star Education Programme (NSEP) – a total curriculum that covers all five domains of student development (physical/cognitive/social/moral/aesthetic) as well as develops 21st century competencies. Our instructional programme is based on i-TEACH Framework for Integrated learning – Teachers as curriculum innovators; Engaged learning; Assessed curriculum; Collaborative learners; Highly motivated professionals.  Our school-wide pedagogies include Assessment for Learning, Thinking Routines, Flipped Classroom, ICT-enabled learning environment and Academic Excellence Programme. Our distinctive programmes are (1) Aeronautics Applied Learning Programme (Students learn about authentic applications of science and technology in aeronautics, a fast growing industry in Singapore) and (2) ‘Inspired North Stars Inspire Actions’ Learning for Life Programme (Students acquire passion for living and learning through community and youth leadership, including student leadership development for all students and overseas VIA projects.  Other key school/level-wide programmes include (1) Outdoor Education Programme (Cohort/level-wide adventure/cultural immersion camps, adoption of Sengkang Floating Wetland for Science learning and Environment Education) (2) Practice-Oriented Curriculum (Elective Modules and Advanced Elective Modules for all Sec 3 students to acquire attributes of lifelong learning for SkillsFuture (3) North Star Scholars Programme (Talent development).  Other school/level-wide departmental signature programmes include EL Speech & Drama modules, MTL Web-based Oral Communications modules, Fun Math Programme, Elementz Science Research Programme, 3D Design/Printing, Ready for the World Educational & Career Guidance Programme, Building Resilience through Outdoor Adventure for Normal Course students etc.