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Executive and Administration Staff

Mr Phang Chee Kheng.jpg

Mr Phang Chee Kheng

Vice-Principal (Admin)
Mr Phua Hock Chuan.jpg Mr Phua Hock Chuan Operations Manager Mdm Teo Wy-Yenn.jpg Mdm Teo Wy-Yenn Administration Manager Mdm Yeo Hui Lee.jpg Mdm Yeo Hui Lee Administration Manager
selene tan.jpg Mdm Selene Tan CSO Mdm Loo Lay Yen.jpg Mdm Loo Lay Yen CSO
Mr Ahamed Shah.jpg Mr Ahamed Shah TSO Mr Azlan Shah Abdul Ghani.jpg Mr Azlan Shah Abdul Ghani TSO Mr Mohd Abdul Rahim Toslim.jpg Mr Mohd Abdul Rahim Taslim TSO Mrs Jenny Sharoo.jpg Mrs Jenny Sharoo TSO
Mr Saburudin Samad.jpg Mr Saburudin Samad AED (T&L) Mr Muhd Hafiz Hamzah.jpg Mr Muhd Hafiz Hamzah AED (T&L) Mr Muhammad Yasin.jpg Mr Muhammad Yasin AED (T&L) Mr Eddy Sufyan Selamat.jpg Mr Eddy Sufyan Selamat AED (T&L) Ms Shamira Ramzan Ali.jpg Ms Shamira Ramzan Ali AED (T&L)
Mdm Farah Shalin Hou.jpg Mdm Farah Shalin Hou AED (Counselling)