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With the completion of the indoor sports hall, the Badminton CCA enters a new phase of its growth. Excited by the new environment and fresh space, our student players continue to believe in their ability to perform better each year in zonal competition.

Every year when students participate in the North Zone Tournament Badminton Championships, they are imbued with the school values to guide them in interacting with other students and individuals. During competitions, our players showed relentless enthusiasm and resilience, living up to the school motto and values. Not only do we provide opportunities for students to develop their talents and pursue individual excellence, but also platforms to grow as responsible members of the society.

Thus, the numerous community services that have been organised throughout the year should be viewed in the light of character and citizenship education we hope to foster. The badminton team was involved in the VIA projects such as Make-a-Wish Flag Day, Zoolympics and Project Love Can.